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Previous Work


Mega Heist

Dir. Tim Grubisic

An action comedy about a heist that goes off the rails before it even begins. Crank is an up-and-coming thief looking to impress his mentor, King. To do this he hires his eccentric new friend, Red who reveals that heists can only work if it is two things. Mega and has sneaky double cross twist.


Sourced from The Cue Tube


This animation tells the story of how sometimes you just have to look at things a little differently to get where you want to go.

Sink Again

Sourced from The Cue Tube

A game trailer following a captain and crew who are looking for stolen treasure


Dir. Alicia Henry

This coming of age short film features a shy boy who feels distanced from his family. As the truth is revealed he begin to feel lonelier than ever.


Sourced from The Cue Tube

A city is powered by a mystical stone before it is stolen, leading to an epic battle between hero and villain.

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