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Nicholas Todarello is a media composer active in scoring films and writing concert music.


Most recently he scored “WHAT’S IN A NAME”, directed by Kalu Oji a short drama uncovering the past fractures in a couple’s relationships, set to be screened at the Sydney Film Festival; Jenna Cosgrove’s “STREAM” screened at Flickerfest and “LILLEMOR”, directed by Grace Mclean.


Previously he scored Alicia Henry’s “GROWING”; alongside Ruby Schofield wrote the soundtrack to Tim Grubisic’s “MEGA HEIST”; and collaborating with Naomi Bruhn wrote the score to “CUPID’s COMET”. He also has a passion for animation delivering scores for Declan Crowley’s “COUSIN CHAOS”, Tiffany Berfemann’s “A TALE OF WORTH” and Ben Cole’s “STEALY THE CATE AND FRIENDS”


Nicholas has worked as an on-set sound recordist and sound editor on numerous production including Klaus Banadanovich’s “THE GIRL IN THE GRAMOPHONE” set to be screened at St Kilda Film Festival and Sarah Hegge-Taylor’s ” SMALL”


He also has a passion for writing chamber music. His piece “SCHERZO FOR THE LITTLE INVENTOR” was performed and recorded by Syzergy Ensemble, and the Victorian Youth Symphonic Orchestra recorded his original composition “FOOD FOR THE FLOOF”.

His journey began at a young age where he learnt classical piano for over 10 years, developing his technique and learning the skills required to play proficiently. During his teenage years he became obsessed with film and television spending all his free time watching as much as he could, leading to his love of film music.

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